Photos of the Transit of Titan Across Saturn

Unfortunately I was clouded out during the 3rd (out of 4 for this year) transit of Titan across Saturn on the night of the 24th of Feb.

Fortunately though, a few friends of mine got clear skies and reasonable seeing to be able to capture this rare event.

Titan Transit by Anthony Welsey

Titan Transit by Anthony Welsey

The image above is by Anthony Wesley from Canberra, and the dark spot is Titan, not the shadow! The image was taken with his 13.1″ scope (LEXX) and the Dragonfly2 PGR camera. He captured for 60 seconds per channel, at 25fps in R and G, 20fps in B. Anthony stacked and processed the best 1000 frames from each channel as chosen by ninox.

Continue reading to see Trevor’s fantastic images and a long animation showing Titan and its shadow transit across the planet.

This set of images was taken by Trevor Barry from Broken Hill. Trevor has received an enormous amount of attention from media outlets over the past 12 months thanks to his excellent imaging of Saturn, contributing data to NASA’s Cassini imaging program as they tracked Saturn’s electrical storms.

Titan and Shadow Transit by Trevor Barry

Titan and Shadow Transit by Trevor Barry

Trevor also created an animation from images taken every 10 minutes, lasting over 4 hours. You can download the incredible animation from here (2.7meg gif file):

Saturn and Titan Transit Animation over 4 hours

An annotated version of the image above in the sharp red channel can be seen below.

Annotated Transit image by Trevor Barry

Annotated Transit image by Trevor Barry

Trevor uses a home-made 16″ Newtonian and a DMK21AU04 camera.

Well done to Anthony and Trevor for their fantastic captures!

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