Piccanniny Creek Bed Under the Stars

Just as we were about to head back to the truck after spending a nice 2 hours under the stars at the Bungle Bungles, I took one last photo looking back up the dry Piccanniny Creek bed towards the south, with the beautiful Southern Cross setting in the south west.

The bright Moon high in the West lit up the scene. I can’t imagine the water rushing through here in the wet season.

Piccanniny Creek Bed under the stars

Piccanniny Creek Bed under the stars

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The photo is a 20 second exposure @ ISO2000, f/2.8 with the Canon 5D Mk 2 and Samyang 14mm lens.

Every time I look at these photos from the Bungle Bungles, it makes me want to go back. It’s been over a month now since I was there – I’m so fortunate to have these pictures to keep the memory strong.

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