Planetary Imaging and Image Processing

There are many factors that influence high-resolution planetary imaging, the most important in getting any high quality image is the seeing. If the data is great to begin with, then very little processing is actually required to end up with a great image.

However most of us don’t have the luxury of imaging in an area with no jetstream, or in an area where the planet is directly overhead. Through experience I’ve found that when the conditions are less than ideal, a better result can be achieved through greater knowledge of image processing, knowing how to extract the most out of the data you’ve captured.

This article is a step-by-step guide to the image processing routine I use, and aims to serve as a tutorial for those who want to experiment and try these techniques for yourself.

You can read the full article at IceInSpace at:

Planetary Imaging and Image Processing

Written in June 2006.

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