Project Turf

Just for something a bit different, here’s a timelapse of “Project Turf” – the construction of an area of turf in my backyard.

It’s been a long time coming – that part of the yard once had a big gum tree, big ugly shrubs, lamandras etc. The area has been a barren wasteland for a while (filling with weeds until I poisoned them) and now I’ve finally turfed it.

This movie is 6 hours compressed into 30 seconds – a photo taken every 2 minutes.

I’ll eventually posted some before and after comparison shots but I thought the movie was a fun project and more practise at timelapse 🙂

There’s a HD version on YouTube.

Music: Awel by stefsax. Canon 40D + Sigma 17-70mm lens@ 17mm.


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