Results and Video from the NSW AKF State Titles

On the 26th March, I competed in the NSW AKF State Championships – only 3 weeks after the Sydney All Styles event where I placed first in my division.

I was looking forward to this event – it would be a lot more competitive because guys going for State selection would be there competing. I wasn’t expecting to get past the first round in the Open division for my weight, but it would be another experience and another learning opportunity.

Mike receiving some last minute coaching from Shihan Lliam Worthington

Mike receiving some last minute coaching from Shihan Lliam Worthington

I entered the 67-75kg division but due to lack of entries, they merged all competitors > 67 kg which meant I’d be going against some much bigger guys!

In the first round I was up against Georgi Georgieff, a 21 year old seasoned competitor who’s been around the AKF tour for many years.

I ended up going down 3-0, due to three yak’s (mostly anticipation). He was the better athlete but I had fun. I wasn’t too disappointed with the way I fought – I moved well enough and attacked a few times but as Shihan pointed out, I needed that extra level of commitment to distance when attacking to get better scoring opportunities.

They did have repechage but I was busy fighting in the Veterans division at the time so I didn’t have any other fights in that division.

Mike waiting for his veterans division fight

Mike waiting for his veterans division fight

I also competed in the Veterans division, for over 35 year olds.. Veterans! Makes us sound really old 🙂 When we’re over 45 they must call it the geriatric division! 🙂

There were only 4 competitors in the veterans division, including Glenn Webber from BBMA who’d also competed in the Kyu Grade championships (which he won) and the Open weight division (same division as me) where he copped a few kicks to the head.

I ended up winning 1-0 in my first fight, but was pretty disappointed not to score more points. I was constantly attacking and thought I should’ve scored more of them, including a take-down, but it wasn’t to be. My distance control wasn’t as good because a lot of the kicks I tried ended up being too cramped and too close to him.

In the second fight (the final), I was up against a pretty big guy who seemed a bit uncontrolled. He had fought and beaten Glenn Webber in the previous fight, and Glenn went down at least twice due to heavy contact between fist and face!

I was up 1-0 due to a penalty, and in the very last second of the fight he scored a yak to send it to extra time. He scored in extra time to win the division. I was pretty disappointed again not to have scored any of my techniques. Some of my yak’s seemed good enough to score (considering what he scored with), but again Shihan said I just wasn’t deep enough.

So I ended up with 2nd place in the veterans division.

It was a fun day out with lots of BBMA competitors, and some doing very well – making the state team. I wasn’t trying out for the state team – I don’t feel I’m good enough, and don’t have the time or money to commit to it in any case.

Thanks to Matt Shakoff for making the trip down to spectate and thanks for recording the videos for me!

I’ll post full BBMA results on the BBMA Facebook Page in the next day or two.

Thanks for watching!

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