Results from the 2011 Sydney All Styles Tournament

Last Sunday I competed in the 2011 Sydney All Styles tournament, run by the NSW Karate Federation (AKF). It was my first big tournament in a year and my first as a black belt in the open division!

Anxious Competitors awaiting their event

Anxious Competitors awaiting their event

I competed in the under 70kg open division, and unfortunately there were only 3 other competitors, but it was a hard fought division with some very closely matched fighters. I was fortunate enough to win both of my fights and take out the division!

They were both very close fights with very few scoring opportunities, but I was happy that my defence was solid and I didn’t have any points scored against me in either fight.

Here are the videos of the fights.

Fight 1 was against Raymond (can’t remember his surname). Not a lot of action as we were both anticipating. No scoring techniques, and I won on penalties as Ray stepped out of the ring a few times.

Fight 2 – the final. A close match. My opponent was more aggressive than Ray, while ultimately lost him the fight as I got a take-down on him (see at 1:15 in the video).

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the day went.  Some things I did right:

  • I was happy with my distance control – especially in the 2nd fight. Once I was up, I was able to circle and use jabs and fakes to keep him at distance and not let him settle.
  • I was happy with my defence, didn’t have any techniques scored on me
  • Of course happy with the take-down! My first in a tournament – all the training starting to pay off! The best thing about it was that I wasn’t “thinking” take-down – it just came out. The body is starting to recognise the behaviours and when I was in that position, it just came out!

And of course a few things I wasn’t happy with – things to try and improve next time:

  • Apart from the take-down, I didn’t score any techniques. I just didn’t “go first” enough – I was still reacting and waiting for the opponent and then trying to anticipate or counter, instead of just executing my techniques.
  • Both guys were anticipating and both were south paws. Combined, it meant I wasn’t confident enough to “go first” because my usual bridging or disturb techniques just didn’t feel right.
  • I countered with body kicks a few times, which were ineffective and ugly and had no chance of scoring. I should have countered with hands and I may have had more opportunity to score.

Overall, I’m happy with my performance though and something good to build on for the next tournament. I’m going to try and go to the NSW State Titles on the 26th March – not to try and get in the state team, but to fight against some of the best in NSW. The divisions for state are in different weight categories, and I’ll be in the 66-75kg division.

Anyway we’ll see how that goes – that will be a real test!

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