Results from the BBMA Tournament 2011

On Sunday, the 3rd annual BBMA Intramural Tournament was held. It’s an internal tournament for all 300+ members of Black Belt Martial Arts, in all types of events including kumite (sparring), kata, kickboxing, weapons and more.

Black Belt Martial Arts

Black Belt Martial Arts

The event is a highlight on the karate calendar for me, because the day is well run, relaxed, and it’s just great being able to fight in a friendly atmosphere against friends and training partners from your dojo. Congrats once again to Kyoshi and Shihan, and all the staff and volunteers who make the day such as success.

I entered 4 events, and my results are (videos and photos coming):

  • Kumite – Open < 75kg division: 1st place
  • Kumite – Open Veterans (> 35 years) division: 1st place
  • Kata – Open Veterans (> 35 years) division: 3rd place
  • Kata – Open division: Did not place

I had a really great day – I felt relaxed and confident in my sparring and scored with several takedowns and head kicks. Enough jibber jabber, here’s the photos and videos!

Kumite – Open < 75kg division

There were 7 competitors in this division, 5 of them black belts and 2 kyu grades. I had a BYE in round 1, and in the end, I fought both kyu grades who placed 2nd and 3rd. They displayed some great skill getting past their earlier opponents and they’re really going to do well in the months and years to come.

I’m really looking forward to the current batch of 17 years old (currently fighting in the cadet division) to step up into the open division next year – it’ll really fill out the division and bring with it some real talent, with the likes of Trevor, Alex, Daniel and more.

In my first fight I was up against Tony Ban, a young kickboxer and karate-ka who must’ve entered 8 events on the day. Every time I saw him he was in a different event. He’s already got great skills, trains very hard, and has some fantastic potential for his grade (only a purple belt). I can’t wait to see him continue to compete as he gets more experience.

In my second fight (the final), I was up against Ben McIntyre. A friend and gold belt, Ben also trains hard, has great athleticism and speed and will be a real candidate when he gets more experience (it was his first tournament). He won his kyu grade division.

I was able to get a nice 3 point head kick early in the fight which meant Ben was playing catch up. A really enjoyable fight – thanks Ben.

1st in the Open < 75kg sparring

1st in the Open < 75kg sparring

Kumite – Open Veterans (> 35 years) division

There were only 4 competitors in this division.

In the first round I fought Paul Smith, who I’d gone up against a few times before. He’s not much of a sparrer by trade, but he continues to get out there and give it a go. I scored with a head kick and a takedown and stopped the fight (ahead by 9 points) early at 10-1 (or something like that).

In the second round (the final) I fought Chris Elder, who I’d also gone up against many times before in various tournaments. Chris is more of a Kata guy, but his sparring is improving as he gains confidence. I also scored with a head kick and a takedown in this one, and stopped the fight at a similar scoreline to win the match.

1st in the Open Veterans +35yrs sparring

1st in the Open Veterans +35yrs sparring

Kata – Open Veterans (> 35 years) division

There were only 4 competitors in this division, and I came 3rd 🙂 But it was fun – I performed Kanku Dai, without error – which was my main goal. Since learning Kanku Sho over the past 4-5 weeks, there’s many aspects of the two katas which are similar, and in the dojo I’d often blended one into the other.

So to get through it in one piece was a success 🙂


Kata – Open division

There were about 10 athletes in this very hotly contested division, with some state team members doing their kata. I performed Kanku Sho but didn’t place. I was happy enough with my kata though – I only learnt Kanku Sho about 4-5 weeks ago so I was happy to be able to complete the whole thing successfully 🙂

It was great to have Kate and the girls there to watch me too. Jacob was at a scout day, but hearing them cheering (or giggling), and getting their hugs after the events, was great 🙂

Here’s Eliza…

Eliza with one of my trophies

Eliza with one of my trophies

Here’s Abbey 🙂

Abbey with one of my trophies

Abbey with one of my trophies

All in all it was a great day out. I helped out with the scoring and judging in some of the younger kids kata and sparring events, which was quite an experience too.

I’m really looking forward to the new tournament season in 2012.

Thanks for reading.

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