Results from the BBMA Tournament, and more personal bad luck!

Hi all

The 2nd annual BBMA Intramural Tournament was held last weekend, and it was a fantastic day. The staff and volunteers did a tremendous job keeping things running, ensuring every one of the hundreds of competitors enjoyed themselves – many experiencing a tournament for the first time.

I also have another personal bad luck story to share.. keep on reading!

I entered four events – the Open Veteran (over 35 years old, LOL) Kata and Open Veteran Sparring, as well as the Open (black belt) < 77kg Kata and Open < 77kg Sparring.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures or video of my events, but my results were:

  • 1st in Open < 77kg Sparring
  • 2nd in Open Veteran Sparring (damn you Ray Jenkins! :))
  • 3rd in Open Veteran Kata

I was really pleased with my results. Most times in Sparring I don’t have a plan – just see what happens and hope for the best. This time I tried to go out with a strategy – usually defaulting to Anticipation. Most of my points came from anticipation so I was really happy. I also scored my first Take-Down in a sparring tournament (earning 3 points) so was also a minor milestone for me 🙂

That’s the last tournament for the year so next year I’ll be trying to get more consistent with the tournaments, entering more AKF and probably a few NAS ones too. I doubt I’ll try out for the AKF State Team – I just don’t have the time or money to put into it – and at 35 years old, I’m far too old to be seriously competing against the 20 year olds 🙂

Onto the personal news – on Sunday afternoon after coming home from the tournament, I parked my car on the street as usual. Got up as usual on Monday morning to drive to the station, went outside and my car was gone!

Someone stole my car!

It was only a Hyundai Excel so not the best car in the world, but it’s the inconvenience and frustration that causes the most pain. It was insured, but won’t be worth very much. $3k maybe? I hope. It still hasn’t been found, so it’s unlikely it will be now. So now i’m looking for another car, and will probably buy one tomorrow. Having to spend $10k on a car instead of on a holiday that Kate and I were planning, is very very annoying.

Hopefully that’s the last of the bad luck. I’m kind of over it!

Thanks for reading!

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