Here is a list of reviews I have written about astronomy equipment. Please feel free to comment if the articles have helped you, or ask questions if anything is unclear.

Astrovid Voyager X – Planetary Imaging Camera

My main passion in astrophotography is lunar and planetary imaging which I’ve been doing for a couple of years. It was with much interest when in June 2007 I learned of the new Astrovid Voyager X planetary camera. Like the DMK, it’s a monochrome camera but with a larger format chip (1024×768) and delivering fast framerates over an uncompressed USB2 interface.

13mm Nagler Type 6 Shootout

Everyone knows the Televue Nagler brand when it comes to quality eyepieces. They have a reputation amongst some amateur astronomers as being the best, with a wide field of view, sharp pinpoint stars across the entire field and high contrast. They’re also one of the most expensive eyepieces you can buy. So what do you get for your money? Is it worth spending that much money on a single eyepiece?

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