Rising Core

The core of the Milky Way rises behind the famous tree line at IISAC2014.

For this series of shots, I moved around to the right from where I was usually setup, to get more of the core of the Milky Way behind the trees. The added benefit was the long grass on the hill in front of me, which provided a nice foreground under the trees.

I took a few versions, with a crazy man waving his arms (ie: me! :)), a normal, and a portrait orientation. Not sure which version you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Rising Core

Rising Core

Rising Core - Crazy Man! :)

Rising Core – Crazy Man! 🙂

Rising Core - Portrait

Rising Core – Portrait

Like most of the series that night, they were captured with the Canon 6D, 50mm lens, ISO6400, 13s exposure @ f/2.2.

And of course I love bold, saturated processing. I hope you do too.

Thanks for looking!

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