Rising Milky Way with the Polarie

Captured on the first night of IISAC2014, we had a fantastic night – clear until about 2am. No dew, not cold. Just beautiful.

I promised myself not to take ‘too many’ images of the famous IISAC trees (that I captured from pretty much every angle at IISAC2013), but I couldn’t help myself but to take just a few 🙂

90s with the Polarie

90s with the Polarie

This one is a 90s exposure with the 5D Mk2 and Samyang 14mm tracked using the Polarie. ISO3200 f2.8. Looks to be a bit of green airglow visible.

The polarie was very simply aligned using the Polar Meter attachment (took about 5 seconds :)).

Thanks for looking.

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