Saturated Colour Full Moon, May 2009

This image of the Full Moon (well, almost full – it was 99% illuminated) was taken on the 8th May 2009, using my Canon 20D attached to my ED80.

I took 136 photos @ ISO100, 1/125s exposure. All photos were stacked in Registax. The image was processed in Photoshop to reveal the different compositions of the geological formations on the Moon.

Saturated Colour Full Moon. Click for desktop resolution.

Saturated Colour Full Moon. Click for desktop resolution.

Continue reading for more information about the capture and processing of the image.

To try and get more focal length, I didn’t use my Williams Optics 0.8x reducer, so the native focal length of 600mm for the ED80 was used.

I used a wireless remote and the burst mode of the 20D to snap 136 images at 1/125s, ISO100.

All 136 images were converted from RAW to TIFF, then stacked in Registax with very very light wavelet processing. In Photoshop, I created a luminance layer and sharpened it using “Smart Sharpen”, and enhanced the colours in a colour layer by using several iterations of saturation boost with the Hue/Saturation tool. Finally a slight guassian blur on the colour layer, and an overall gamma and curves adjustment to increase the contrast.

Even at 600mm the Moon doesn’t take up a great deal of the field of view so the image at full resolution is a little soft for my liking – partly due to the seeing conditions and partly because more focal length is needed.

But still, I’m quite happy with the image.

To set your wallpaper to a 1024×768 version of the image, download it here.

Thanks for looking.

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