Sommersby Falls Photo Shoot

Last week, my friends Andrew Catsaitis, Andrew Murrell and I decided to head up to Sommersby Falls for an impromptu photo shoot. We had planned to head up to Belmont for a Sunset shoot, but it was cloudy with light rain – so we decided that there’s no point doing a sunset shoot when there’s no sun! 

The weather and the lighting was perfect for photographing waterfalls, and we arrived at 6:30pm to catch the last of the light.


Continue reading to see the rest of my images from our shoot.

We started at the top falls, which didn’t have too much water falling as it hasn’t rained much in recent weeks.


We then moved to the bottom falls, and I took this image of the walkway on the way down.


The bottom falls were just beautiful, and we could’ve stayed there all night.


Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to leave just before 8pm, as the ranger was going to close the gate and lock us in! Next time we’ll park our cars outside the gate.

Thanks to Andrew and Andrew for a great shoot. Their shots are posted here on IceInSpace. I look forward to doing it again. All shots taken with my new Canon 20D and Sigma 17-70mm lens.

My best shots (at least in my opinion :)) are available to purchase on RedBubble.

Thanks for looking.

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