Star Streaks

On the Friday night of the IISAC2013 AstroCamp, I went for a drive up along the ridge overlooking the camp and found this great paddock with this great tree I used to silhouette against the sky.

During this 20 minute exposure, a cow moving behind me scared the crap out of me, especially when I turned around and my red headlamp reflected off its eyes – so now it was an evil cow with red eyes just waiting for me to turn my back again 🙂

Star Streaks

Star Streaks

This is a single 20 minute exposure, taken with the Canon 6D and Samyang 14mm lens @ ISO800. I think the f/stop was around f/5.6.

The clouds really provided some great depth during this exposure, and I love the long streaks from the long exposure.

Thanks for looking.

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