Sunrise Contemplation

A lone fisherman, contemplating life, work, family – who knows, maybe just hoping he doesn’t get washed off by a big wave, or hoping he gets a nice catch for the morning.

I headed out to Avoca Beach on Sunday 11th March, hoping for some clear skies for some night scapes followed by a nice sunrise.  Unfortunately not everything went to plan; the Moon was still very bright and high in the sky so almost all stars were washed out in long exposures, and as the dawn approached, the clouds disappeared and left a featureless fairly dull pre-dawn sky.

I was just about to pack up and go home, however just like on the 1st May 2011 when I captured Surf Alone, it wasn’t until the Sun was over the horizon that the golden sunrise colours really came out. The only cloud in the sky was in the direction of the Sun and allowed for some beautiful rays to extend through and beyond the clouds. I decided to try one last set of shots of a rock ledge I hadn’t been paying attention to and captured this image, Sunrise Contemplation.

Sunrise Contemplation

Sunrise Contemplation

Captured with a Canon 5D Mark II with 24-105mm lens, with some stacked Lee ND filters (thanks to Andrew Murrell for the loan!).


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