Sunset Photos over Brisbane Water

On the night of the Smiley Face Conjunction, before the sun set and the conjunction was visible, I was able to capture some dramatic sunset scenes over Brisbane Water, from Yattalunga and Green Point on the Central Coast of NSW.

I captured and processed these using HDR techniques – a way of representing a greater dynamic range in a single photo by using multiple exposures of the same scene (under exposed, correct exposure, over exposed).

It’s a fairly new technique for me and not everyone is a fan of the type of images it can produce – sometimes producing unrealistic fairytale type images, or with halo artefacts, depending on the extent of the processing. 


Please check out the rest of the photos and I’d love to hear what you think. I need more practise in both capturing and processing HDR images like these, so bare with me 🙂

This image below is a 2-frame panorama and is one of my favourites of this set. Make sure you check out the 2000px wide version.


The rest from the series is below.


Thanks for looking.

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