Sydney at Night

These panoramas of Sydney City at night were captured on Saturday night with my son after visiting the Sydney Observatory. The water was very rough and choppy, so no reflections except for the colour from the lights!

After taking some pics of the Crescent Moon and Venus, we grabbed some dinner (Pie Face yum!) and drove over the bridge to Jefrey’s St Wharf.

My son and I had a great night for 2 nerds – listening to a talk about Asteroids impacting the Earth, visiting the Observatory and taking photos of Sydney! We both loved it! 🙂

The bats flying over the top of the bridge must’ve been catching moths or something? There was a lot of them, and they were very bright with the reflected spotlights on them.

These are panoramas of 11 and 7 images with the Canon 6D, 24-105mm lens, ISO1000, f/7.1, 5s exposures.

Thanks for looking!

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