Sydney Opera House and Planetary Conjunction at Dawn

In the early morning of the 5th May 2011, I lugged my camera gear to work to photograph a unique planetary conjunction in the pre-dawn sky over the Sydney Opera House.

The conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury in the pre-dawn sky was taking place all throughout the month of May, and I had planned this morning to capture the beautiful sky scene as the backdrop, featuring the Sydney Opera House in the foreground.

Sydney Opera House and Planetary Conjunction

Sydney Opera House and Planetary Conjunction

If you’re interested, the photograph can be purchased on RedBubble, or you can contact me if you want to buy a digital file.

I was fortunate with the weather, and these images turned out much better than my sad attempts on the 1st May at Avoca Beach (though my Sunrise Images on the same morning turned out great!), thanks to lovely clear skies, not to mention the stunning foreground that the Opera House provides.

In a personal highlight, this image now features as the cover image of the Australian Sky Calendar 2012 by Astrovisuals. The calendar showcases beautiful Australian landmarks and landscapes, with stunning night skyscapes of the Australian Sky, and all images were taken by Australian amateur astrophotographers. The calendars make great gifts, and you can order yours here.

The image also received a “Highly Commended” gong at the recent CWAS David Malin Awards.

This next image is a vertical/portrait orientation of the same scene. I had dozens of shots that morning but these two stood out as my favourites.

Sydney Opera House and Conjunction at Dawn

Sydney Opera House and Conjunction at Dawn

Thanks for looking, and comments or feedback is always welcome.

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