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December Full Moon Before the Lunar Eclipse

December Full Moon 1 Hour Before the Lunar Eclipse

One our before Total Lunar Eclipse, I was taking some test images, getting focus right, and testing the upload process as I was planning to supply images to SLOOH as part of their lunar eclipse event. The seeing was absolutely fantastic, hardly any movement in the Moon and so I grabbed a quick 100 frames to produce this pre-eclipse Full Moon image. Continue reading

Full Moon Setting at Sydney Harbour

Sydney at Dawn – The Full Moon Setting

When the Full moon is seen close to the horizon, it can look magnificent – especially when there’s trees, or mountains, or buildings to give it context. The Moon can look huge, thanks to the well documented Moon Illusion.
Unfortunately it’s difficult to capture the same “feeling” of the massive moon in a photograph; normally when you photograph it, it looks tiny – nothing like what it seemed with the naked eye. However with a long enough focal length, and the right foreground interest that you can also throw into focus, you can attempt to capture that “moon illusion” and re-live that impression of a huge Moon. Continue reading

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