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Natural and Artificial Light

Sydney at Dawn – Artificial Light Partially Eclipses Natural Light

Without being too deep and philosophical, in this image I’ve captured Natural and Artificial Light together, with the Moon being partially eclipsed by the lamp post. Unfortunately for those of us living in or near the city, artificial light dominates the night sky and it’s all but impossible to see any stars. Continue reading

Sydney at Dawn, Pre-Dawn Panorama

Sydney at Dawn – Triple Panorama Treat

During some early morning photo shoots during May, I captured some of the landmarks of our famous city in a beautiful pre-dawn and dawn light.
They’ll form part of a Sydney At Dawn series, and the first in the series are 3 stunning panoramas, all captured on the 18th May 2011, all in slightly different lights as dawn fast approached. Continue reading

Colour Saturated Full Moon

How to Create a Colour Saturated Moon Photo

Why does the picture of the Moon above have those funky colours? You can’t see them with your eyes, or through the telescope like that, right?
Actually the colours are real – they’ve just been artificially boosted; amplified during processing. In this article, I’m going to show you how to process your lunar images to bring out those colours. Continue reading

Total Lunar Eclipse over Brisbane City

Pictures of the Total Lunar Eclipse, June 16th 2011

On June 16th 2011, we experienced a Total Lunar Eclipse, where the Full Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow – causing the Moon to turn deep red. I was travelling for work so I lugged 2 cameras and 2 tripods to Brisbane and met up with some IceInSpace friends including Dennis Simmons and Troy Piggins on the foreshore of the Brisbane River, overlooking Story Bridge and the city of Brisbane. Continue reading

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