Taking the Fitness Challenge during June 2011

As part of the BBMA Facebook page, Kyoshi had an idea of having some students or instructors pose some challenges for the BBMA community to join in with and take part in during the month of June.

BBMA Facebook Page

BBMA Facebook Page

The idea is that we use the BBMA Facebook page to journal our progress and keep each other up to date on how we’re going. By making the challenge public and posting our progress, we keep ourselves accountable and it helps motivate you when you know others are taking part in the challenge with you.

This is perfect for me right now, because during June and July I’ll be travelling for work quite a lot, so won’t be able to attend my regular karate classes or do my normal fitness work. So by taking part in some challenges, it’ll keep me motivated to exercise – especially when I’m on the road in hotel rooms.

So far there’s two challenges –

  1. 2000 pushups, posted by Sempai Adrian
  2. 1500 slow kicks each leg, posted by me

I’m going to do both 🙂

2000 Pushups

This one is pretty straight forward – do 2000 pushups during the month of June. That’s an average of about 67 a day if you do it every single day.

I’ll probably do 100 every second day, and do 50 on the in-between days. That’s 150 every 2 days at an average of 75, so should be quite achievable.

There’s no strict rules about doing them all at once, or doing 20 and then resting etc. The aim is simply to participate and keep yourself accountable to achieving the goal during the month of June.

By the end of June, pushups should be a breeze and it’ll set up the routine for doing daily pushups!

1500 Slow Kicks each leg

My challenge for the month is to do slow kicking, 1500 times on each leg during the month of June. It can either be 3 or 4-count kicking (front/side/mawashi/ura-mawashi), or leaning back (hold a chair), keep the knee up, hold your ankle and kick X times, coming back to hold the ankle each time (mawashi or ura-mawashi).

1500 each leg, is an average of 50 each leg each day. It’ll strengthen your core, glutes, hamstrings, ankles and will help you to be a better kicker by the end of June.

Here’s some videos of some 4-count kicking to get you inspired:

I’d be happy for others to join me in this challenge. I’ll be posting my progress here on my blog, as well as on the BBMA Facebook page.

Who’s in? 🙂

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