The 99 Percent Full Moon!

This image of the 99.1% Full Moon was captured on Tuesday night, 20th August from my backyard using my Canon 6D and ED80 telescope.RPK Tramplin

Canon 6D, ED80 telescope @ ~1000mm FL, ISO250, 1/100s exposures.

I snapped 130 images but with the unsteady atmosphere, I only used 30 in the final stack which increased the signal and reduced the noise, to allow for more processing. Sharpening was done using wavelets in Registax, followed by contrast and greyscale in Photoshop.

None of this short focal length stuff! Time to crank out the long focal length goodness to shoot the almost Full Moon! The photo below shows my ED80 telescope on EQ6 mount, with the Canon 6D connected via a 2x Barlow and 50mm extension tube to allow it to reach focus.

It reaches a focal length of around 1000mm, which almost fills the frame of the 6D, as you can see from the Live View shot below.

Thanks for looking.

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