The Milky Way at Lostock

This is another image taken during the Saturday night site reconnaissance for IISAC2008 on the 27th September 2008.

It’s 11 x 6 min exposures, ISO800 with the Canon 350D + Sigma 17-70mm @ 17mm. Piggybacked on the EQ6/ED80 combo, guided with a DMK21AU04. Dark subtracted, no flats.

Conditions were nice and dark with good transparency, but it was very windy with horrible seeing, causing guiding to have a few problems. Luckily with the short focal length it didn’t ruin any frames.

Unfortunately as the Milky Way set, a tree started creeping into frame on the bottom right corner, causing the very dark patch seen in the image.

The Milky Way at Lostock

The Milky Way at Lostock

Thanks for looking and let’s hope for similar clear, dark skies at IISAC2008!

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