The Orion Constellation

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This image shows the Orion Constellation in its natural environment. It’s a widefield vista showing all the major components, including Betelgeuse, Rigel, the belt stars, M42, the Running Man, the Horsehead and the flame, parts of Barnards Loop and a faint display of IC 2118.

It’s only 35 minutes exposure, with no flats calibration, so it’s not as smooth as I’d hoped, but like all of my IISAC2009 images, it’s given me a glimmer of hope and something to aim for next time.

The Orion Constellation. Click image to see larger version.

The Orion Constellation. Click image to see larger version.

The image was taken at IISAC2009, on the Friday night when my USB hub was playing up and I couldn’t control the camera from the laptop. I mounted my Canon 20D and my new 24-105mm L IS f/4.0 lens on top of my ED80 and pointed it at the Orion Constellation.

The exposures were guided through my 80mm refractor and the DMK21AU04, using PHD Guiding. The camera was controlled using the timer remote. The lens was at 47mm f/5.6, and each exposure was 5 minutes. Dark frame subtraction was done in-camera. 7 exposures @ ISO800, 35 minutes total data. No flats.

I’m really pleased with how the 24-105mm lens is performing – it’s a definite keeper and will definitely make a return to this part of the sky in the future.

Thanks for looking.

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