Timelapse: Memories of IISAC2011

A timelapse of landscape and nightscapes scenes shot at the IISAC2011 Star Party, at Lostock in the Hunter Valley of NSW, October 2011.

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My fondest memories of IISAC2011 involve a group of friends standing around a dam we dubbed “Lake IISAC”, shooting nightscapes, listening to guitar and watching the night sky turn overhead. The cacophony of frogs and crickets was deafening, and Chris Malikoff recorded it and Al Sheehan played guitar over it. It brings the memories back in the second half of the video.

The original sequences were put together over a year ago but only made into a timelapse just before IISAC2013. I found lots of mistakes in the original sequences, including not applying lens profiles so there’s some terrible vignetting in parts, not cropping the photos to 16:9 etc. But I didn’t have time to re-do all of them, as IISAC2013 was just a few weeks away I wanted to finish this quickly.

I had more panning sequences using the Synta multi-function Alt/Az mount but they were way too dark. I think I had the wrong setting on the camera. I had planned to do better at IISAC2013, and I think I did.. the IISAC2013 version coming soon.

I had fun playing in Vegas Movie Studio, learning as I go.

Photography: Mike Salway
Music: The Rush by The Seventh Alchemy
Guitar: Al Sheehan

Cameras used: Canon 40D, Canon 5D Mk 2 (for a few)
Lenses used: Canon 10-22, Canon 15mm, Canon 24mm

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