Titan Transit and Planet Conjunction Washed Out

Pick a day when you don’t want it to be cloudy.. any day.. well, last night/this morning was that day for me. 

A day when 3 important and interesting celestial events were due to occur:

  1. The third transit of Titan across Saturn (on the night of the 24th February)
  2. Comet Lulin closest approach to Earth, and only 2 degrees away from Saturn (on the night of the 24th February)
  3. Jupiter, Mercury and Mars conjunction in the pre-dawn sky (on the morning of the 25th February)

.. and I wasn’t able to observe or photograph any of them due to clouds all night and all morning this morning.

I did feel more fortunate then, that I was able to capture the lovely Photos of the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars Conjunction on February 23rd.

Once some of the images from the Titan Transit and the conjunction from this morning start rolling in on IceInSpace and other places, I’ll post some links so we can all get to see them.

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