Total Lunar Eclipse, 28th August 2007

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon passes into Earth’s shadow. Observers in Australia will be able to view the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 28th August, 2007.

The Total Lunar Eclipse on August 28th 2007 will be visible in its entirety for all of Eastern Australia and New Zealand, and will be in progress at Moonrise for the remainder of Australia and most of Asia. It will be visible at Moonset for the Americas, and will not be visible at all for Africa, Europe and Western Asia.

I’ve written an article which will give you all the information you need to prepare for this spectacular event – including:

  • What is a Lunar Eclipse?
  • When and Where can I see it?
  • Viewing / Observing Guide
  • Photography / Imaging Guide

You can read the article at IceInSpace by clicking on the link below:

Total Lunar Eclipse, 28th August 2007 – Observing / Imaging Guide

Good luck!

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