Waiting for Sunrise at Geikie Gorge

We had an incredibly early start, rising at 3am to travel to Geikie Gorge where we cruised down the Fitzroy River on a little boat in complete darkness.

A little further down the river, opposite the West Wall of Geikie Gorge, we climbed this escarpment (again in the dark!), perched on top of this incredibly jagged rock surface, eroded away over millions of years, and waited for the sunrise to light up the West Wall.

Waiting for Sunrise at Geikie Gorge

Waiting for Sunrise at Geikie Gorge

This 8-image panorama was taken at dawn before the sunrise, as the ‘belt of venus’ (the shadow of the Earth) was just setting. The group of photographers on the right is only half our group – there was more behind 🙂

Canon 5D Mk2, 24-105mm lens @ 24mm, ISO640, f/6.3, 1/40s exposures.

Thanks for looking.

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